5 Tips for Cleaning Up After a Party

The worst part of having a party is cleaning up after your guests the next day. Your house is likely to be in a much worse state than it was the previous day. Here are some tips for cleaning up the smells, trash, and other bad things that a good party inevitably leaves behind.

Cleaning Up After a Party

1. Immediately deal with the stale beer smell. It’ll make the rest of the after party cleaning process much more pleasant. Most of the stale beer smell will be coming from spills, so depending on your floor, either mop or shampoo. You may need to do this again later, but dealing with the smell immediately is a good idea. Wipe down any tables that had alcohol spilled on them, and pour out any pitchers or large containers of beer. Store bought deodorizers usually don’t work for very well; they just mask the smell, but a little bit of vinegar and water can clean the stale beer smell right up.

2. If people went outside, check for damage or empty beer cans and cups. Nothing incites a neighbor or passing police officer quite like open containers of alcohol just sitting on your deck, so you’ll want to deal with that as quickly as you can. If you’ve got gloves, now would be a good time to put them on and thoroughly check your back yard, front yard, and even neighbor’s yards for beer cans and anything else offensive.

3. If your home has a smoke smell, you can leave a container of vinegar out to absorb the smell. Within about a day, the smell will be mostly gone, and by pouring that vinegar down the drain you can also help to free up any clogs that the party may have caused. Vinegar has a host of clean-up uses; search Google for more of them.

4. If you need to clean vomit, here’s what to do. And I’m very sorry that you have to, by the way. Clean the bulk of the vomit with paper towels, without spreading it, then apply a sponge with some cool water to soak up the remainder. Add liquid detergent to the stain, and keep sopping it up and ringing out the rag or sponge you’re using. Gross, right? You only have to clean it up once, though–keep repeating that to yourself.

5. Leftover beer. The leftover beer from the party is all yours. You’ve earned it!

What are some of your after party clean up tips? Post them in the comments section below, and happy cleaning.

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