Carpet Cleaning Services | Albuquerque, NM

Clean up spills immediately

It is important to clean up all spills and spots right away. In many cases permanent staining of the carpet and or upholstery can be avoided if the spill is cleaned up immediately.

Some spots should be treated by a professional cleaning technician. In some situations home spotting remedies may actually ‘set’ the spot, creating a permanent stain. Please feel free to contact our office regarding any spots you feel require the attention of a cleaning professional.

Vacuum Frequently

Slow Down! The biggest mistake made vacuuming is going too fast. Up to 79% of the soils found in carpet are the dry gritty variety and can be effectively removed with thorough vacuuming.

A regular maintenance schedule including vacuuming and periodic professional deep cleaning can not only extend the life of your carpet, but also keep it fresh and beautiful. Please thoroughly vacuum your carpet BOTH 24 hours BEFORE your scheduled cleaning and 24 hours AFTER.

Professional Cleanings

Hot water extraction to refresh carpet texture, performed by a trained, qualified carpet care professional, is required at least every 1.5 to 2 years for coverage some carpet manufacturer’s warranty. Please keep your receipts for proof of service.

Regularly scheduled professional cleanings can also greatly improve allergy symptoms. Contact our office today to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment!

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